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Lupus nephritis patients should have a scientific diet

  As we all know ,diet is important for lupus nephritis patient’s recovery .Lupus nephritis patient who want to early recover should pay attention to the diet .

  The scientific diet of patients with lupus nephritis should pay attention to the following points :

  1.High quality protein food

  Systemic lupus erythematusos patients with kidney lesion often have a large amount of protein lost from the urine ,thus will cause hypoproteinemia .Therefore ,patients must supply enough high quality protein ,can drink more milk ,eat more bean products 、egg、lean 、fish and other high protein foods .

  2.Low salt diet

  Application of corticosteroids or patients have renal damage will easily cause water and sodium retention ,thus leading to edema ,so patients should have a low-salt diet .

  3.Low-fat food

  Patients with systemic lupus erythematusos lack of activities ,and the digestive function is bad ,so it is better to eat light and easily digest food .It is not suitable to eat high fat and greasy food

  4.Vegetables and fruits contain more vitamin

  Preventing rarefaction of bone which caused by glucocorticoid ;eating more vegetables and fruits which contain more vitamin .

  Correct and reasonable diet plays an important role of the treatment of lupus nephritis ,when finding there is lupus nephritis ,patients should know more about the knowledge of the lupus nephritis ,try best to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment .

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