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Expert introduction: Stages of Lupus Nephritis

In histology, Lupus Nephritis is pided into 6 stages:

Stage I: Minimal Mesan Gial. Stage I of Lupus Nephritis looks normal under microscopy, but mesangialcal deposits are noted in electron microscopy. In this stage, urinalysis is still normal.

Stage II: Mesangial Proliferative. Stage II of Lupus Nephritis is marked by mesangial hypercellularity and matrix expansion. Besides, symptom of microscopic hematuria and proteinuria may be seen.

Stage III: Focal Lupus Nephritis. Sclerotic lesions of <50% of the glomeruli is the typical feature of stage III Lupus Nephritis.

Stage IV: Diffuse Proliferative Lupus Nephritis. Stage IV of Lupus Nephritis is the most severe and the most common subtype and in this stage, more than 50% of glomeruli are involved.

Stage V: Membranous Lupus Nephritis. Stage V of Lupus Nephritis is characterized by diffuse thickening of the glomerular capillary wall, with diffuse membrane thickening ,a nd supepithelial deposits seen in electron microscopy.

Stage VI: This is the last stage and it usually is called Advanced Sclerosing Lupus Nephritis. The final stage of Lupus Nephritis is represented by global sclerosis > 90% of glomeruli, and represents healing of prior inflammatory injury, as well as chronic class III, IV V.

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