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Dietary principles of patients with lupus nephritis

  1.Patients with lupus nephritis should have a low sugar diet ,because many lupus nephritis patients often take glucocorticoids during the treatment ,if long-term take it will make the patients occur sterol diabetes and adrenogenital syndrome ,so should proper control the diet and eat low sugar food .

  2.The diet for lupus nephritis should insist on the low-salt dietary principle ,reduce water and sodium retention ,causing edema ,so should have a low salt diet .

  3.In lupus nephritis diet ,patients should not eat astragalus sinicus 、rape 、yellow mud snail and celery ,etc ,after eating them should avoid sunniness .

  4.Patients should active cooperate with high protein diet ,in the process of a diet for lupus nephritis ,due to there are a lot of taboos in the diet ,so should have a high protein diet in dietary taboos in case lead to hypoproteinemia .Therefore ,patients must supply enough high quality protein ,can drink more milk ,eat more bean products 、egg 、lean 、fish and other foods which contain rich high quality protein .

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