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Food prohibition of patients with lupus nephritis

Lupus nephritis is a kind of immune complex nephritis which is caused by systemic lupus erythematosus ,and it is the main complications of SLE and the main death causes .So what kinds of food prohibition of patients with lupus nephritis ?

1.Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis: high fat food

Lupus nephritis patient with high blood pressure and anemia ,because fat can aggravate arteriosclerosis and control hematopoietic function ,animal fat has a lot of bad effects on this disease ,so chronic nephritis patients should not eat more .But if patients don’t ingest the fat will cause malnutrition ,the body will become more weak ,so in daily life can use vegetable oil (about 60g a day)

2.Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis: salt

The everyday intake of salt should be controlled under 2-4g in case the edema aggravation and the blood volume increase .High blood pressure patients cannot eat so much sodium salt ,at the same time ,edema and blood volume have a close relationship with sodium salt .Lupus nephritis patients if eat more slat will aggravate the edema and the blood volume increase ,thus causing heart failure ,so patient must limit the salt and have a low-salt diet .

3.Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis: vegetable protein

Patients with lupus nephritis should control the intake of protein according to the degrees of kidney lesion .When patients occur oliguria 、edema 、high blood pressure and nitrogen mass stranding ,the daily protein intake should control within 20-40g in order to relieve the kidney burden ,avoid non-protein nitrogen accumulating in the body .Beans and bean products contains more vegetable protein such as soybean、mung bean 、broad bean 、soya-bean milk 、tofu and so on .Because vegetable protein contains more fat yin alkali ,which can aggravate kidney intermediary metabolism ,so it is not better for patients to eat beans and bean products .

4.Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis: strong flavor

Avoid eating sour or spicy food ,such as pepper 、mustard 、gallbladder ,which is bad for the renal function .

5.Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis: liquid .

 Patients with edema and high blood pressure should limit the intake of liquid .Because when lupus nephritis onset will make the renal function damaged so that can not expel from the water ,thus making the edema more serious .

6.Foods to avoid with lupus nephritis: high purine and high nitrogen food .

Because when renal function is bad ,the metabolism cannot immediately eject ,which is bad for renal function .These foods contain :spinach 、radish 、beans 、bean product 、sardine 、chicken soup、dashi、broth and so on .

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