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What kinds of diseases can pyelonephritis cause?

  Pyelonephritis patients through effective antibiotic treatment will obviously improved with in 2-3days ,if cannot improve ,the symptom aggravation and occur continuous fever ,serum white blood cells increase obviously ,should consider the occurrence of complications .The common complications of pyelonephritis include :

  1.Renal papillary necrosis :Is one of the serious complications ,often occur in pyelonephritis patients with diabetes or urinary obstruction and can occur blood poisoning or acute renal failure .

  2.Perinephric abscess:It is expanded by serious pyelonephritis,account for 90% ,pathogenic bacterium most are gram negative bacilli,escherichia coli is commonly seen ,which exist in diabetes ,urinary tract stones and other bad factors ,patients often occur serious unilateral lumbar pain and tenderness ,to the contralateral bent over ,the pain worse .The treatment appropriate uses powerful antibiotics to strengthen the treatment or incision and drainage .

  3.Occur infectious stones:The elements of stones is given priority to with magnesium ammonium phosphate ,this is due to proteusbacillus vulgaris contains urease that can dissolve the urea in the urine and make the urea present alkaline ,while phosphate in alkaline urine with a low solubility ,which is easy to occur the precipitation and form magnesium ammonium phosphate and apatite impacted stones .

  4.Gram negative bacilli :Develop in acute ,serious pyelonephritis ,performance with disaster ,all of a a sudden chills ,fever ,cause shock mortality was 50% ,so should actively provide strong antibiotics ,strengthen the treatment .

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