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Nurse work in summer

  The rate of nephritis of children is become higher and higher and what’s the reason?

  According to the characteristics of children with nephritis,when curing this disease,the doctors can not notice those superficial symptoms only,such as edema、proteinuria and so on. The important thing is repair the damaged renal tissue and improve renal structure. Only in this way can they cure their disease and get well soon.

  So what’s the special ways to nurse children who has get nephritis in summer? Some principles must be noticed. Put diet、rest and emotion on a important location. Children must control keep on a healthy diet in summer. Have more food which are helpful for their recovery and avoid those others. Low salt and low protein.have more light food and food which are easy to be digested. Have some fresh vegetables and fruits properly and fo not have food which are too icy.

  Since it is very hot in summer,parents must tare care of their children to prevent them form heatstroke、cold and infection. Children can not swim. Children are always very naughty and sometimes they may be too third since of playing games. Parents should prevent them from playing too late.

  Children’s mood swing are more obvious than adults,so their parents should help them control their emotion and avoid annoyance that can influence recovery of the disease. At the same time,some bad factors ,such as infection、cold,must be controlled.

  These are simple introduction about nephritis of children and we hope it can help you. In you want to learn more about it,ask our experts online.

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