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People are easy to get nephritis in summer.

  Experts say that people are more easy to get nephritis in summer,for they always ignore protecting their kidneys in this season.

  But what is the reason? People like to have barbecue and beer in summer,however,these food are more likely to create much Uric Acid and urea nitrogen and they always increase the burden of our kidneys. Drink too much beer one time are easily to get hyperuricemia or hyperlipidemia,then cause kidney disease.

  Summer is a very hot season and resistance of human beings decline,so we are more likely to get some common disease,like cold、diabetes or lupus. All these disease are causers of nephritis. People discharge large amount of water and their urine volume will decline if they do not supply enough water timely. Rubbish and toxin in urine will increase then and kidney stone or hydronephrosis may occur.

  In addition,stay up late、too salty food、strong work pressure and strong tea or cafe,all of these can cause kidney disease. For example,if have too much salty food,blood pressure may higher and higher and blood in kidney can’t maintain normal flow,the kidney disease occur.

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