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Nephritis and pregnancy

  If a woman get nephritis unfortunately,she may can’t be pregnant,especially if she get some special symptoms.

  1. During active stage of nephritis,patients have serious high blood pressure and chronic renal function insufficiency.

  Rest is very necessary for nephritis patients. Being pregnant can make nephritis deteriorate and renal function decline. Another phenomenon is there are much red cell,white cell and cast except of protein. The volume of C3 in blood decline and it means the illness state of patients is unstable. If patients get pregnant at this time,their disease will be deteriorate and they may feel weaker and weaker.

  2.Nephritis patients who have large amount of proteinuria should not be pregnant. Gestation can make plasma-albumin decrease and cause serious edema,blood volume increase,blood pressure become high and heart failure occur.

  3. Nephritis patients whose blood pressure is higher than 150/100MMHG should not be pregnant. These kind of patients are easy to get pregnancy-induced hypertension during their gestation period. It may cause hypertensive encephalopathy,heart failure,acute renal failure an so on. After the birth,the rate to massive hemorrhage is higher than usual.

  4. Nephritis patients who get chronic renal function insufficiency at the same time had better not be pregnant.

  If these women give birth to a child,their kidneys may can’t bear such big burden and get some renal disease,like renal failure and uremia and then threaten their life. However,not all nephritis women can’t be pregnant. If they can be pregnant or not depends on they type of their disease,the degree of their disease and their renal function state.

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