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Tonsillitis and skin infection can cause acute nephritis

  Mention to acute nephritis on children,many people don’t care about this;think they think it is far away from their children. Actually,children who are older than three years old are more easy to get acute nephritis. Especially when they get tonsillitis or skin infection,they are more easy to get acute nephritis. In summer,one inducer is easy to be ignored by parents:ignore hygiene and children tend to get skin infection.

  Why can tonsillitis and skin infection can cause acute nephritis?

  The happen of acute nephritis has a lose relationship with streptococcus infection. Of course,other infection,like bacteria infection,toxin infection or protozoan infection can also induce acute nephritis. Tonsillitis is always caused by beta hemolytic streptococcus. beta hemolytic streptococcus can create antigen and antibody through blood. When antibody pass by kidney,it may subside in GBM(glomerular basement membrane). On GBM,antigen and antibody may take immune action and absorb alexin to take in,and then induce acute nephritis finally. Generally speaking,impetigo is caused by staphylococcus,it may also create similar antigen and induce acute nephritis in similar way. The main function of kidney is filtrate and discharge rubbish,if it can’t play this role smoothly,blood urine and proteinuria may occur.

  Symptoms of acute nephritis.

  In general,acute nephritis always appear a week later after children get cold or skin infection. Since various of symptoms are not obvious,parents won’t perceive this disease if they don’t observe the changes of their children. One to four weeks before its attack,children may get pioneer infection,like acute tonsillitis or pustule on skin. At the beginning,low fever,swirl,sick,vomit,bad appetite and so on. These symptoms are similar with fever’s and are always ignored by people. Edema and oliguria are basic characteristics of this disease. In general,edema always begin on eyelid and the spread though out their whole body. So, once edema occur on children,parents should pay enough attention on it.

  Most of children’s blood urine can’t be seen by naked eyes,except for by microscope. Only seldom can be seen. The color of it are red or brown,which is related with acid-base of urine.

  Most of children can get high blood pressure in their early-stage. Whose illness is serious can also have headache,sick,vomit,hard breath and so on.

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