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Can nephritis infect others is nephritis infectious disease

  In daily life we can often see many patients that have get nephritis have a misgiving,namely can nephritis infect others? Especially when other people live with the patients,they use tableware together,kiss or sex life.,then they may be afraid of if they can hurt others. However,now I can tell you that nephritis won’t infect others.

  Nephritis is not a kind of infectious disease.

  Disease that is infectious,means it is infectious disease. The most obvious characteristic of it is it have pathogen,which contains microorganism and parasite. For example,the pathogen of schistosomiasis is blood flukes and it belongs to a kind of parasite;however,influenza can be infected through one people to another is because of the existence of virus. According to this,nephritis won’t infect other people and it is not a kind of infectious disease,for it have no pathogen,namely microorganism and parasite.

  So,what is the nosogenesis of nephritis?

  Nephritis,means there are inflammatory reaction on our kidney,but it is different with infection on other organs. For example,pneumonia and enteritis are organs are damaged by bacteria and pathogenic microorganism directly and then local infection occur. However,nephritis is different with this. It is a kind of immune disease,different kind of immune complex that is caused by microbial antigen accumulate in kidney and then cause different kidney disease.

  So,nephritis won’t infect other people and if you get this kind of disease,you should do the nurse work well and notice your diet to prevent its aggravation.

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