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How to arrange the diet to control the development of nephritis

  It is an annoy thing to get nephritis. Except of proper treatment,a healthy diet is also an important thing for nephritis patients. Then how to do the diet work well for them and what food can help to prevent aggravation of the disease?

  There are many types of nephritis,like acute nephritis,chronic nephritis and so on. If people get different type of nephritis and are in different stage,they should observe different diet principle. Now we will introduce.

  If get acute nephritis,should have low-protein food(20g to 30g protein per day). The reason is that metabolism product of protein in our body,like creatinine and uric acid must be discharged out of body through kidney,so if have much protein one day,may make burden on kidney increase. After effective treatment,swelling on patients become light,urine volume increase(more than 1000ml per day) and kidney function improved,one can add their protein intake gradually,but egg wight,milk,fish and lean meat should be the majority.

  Swelling and high blood pressure on patients are caused by redundant water that can’t be discharged out of body,so nephritis patients who have swelling and higher blood pressure should limit their water intake. In addition,salt should be limited,too. They had better have 1g to 2g salt one day and do not have other salty food at the same time.

  Nephritis patients should also have much food that are rich in vitamin C,like tomato,kiwi fruit,strawberry,orange and so on.

  For chronic nephritis patients,if they have swelling or little urine or bad appetite,they should have some light food which is easy to be digested. As the development of their disease,can have some food that contains high quality protein. If get anemia,should choose those are rich in iron,like lean meat,Chinese-date,block fungus,block soya bean and so on.

  If chronic nephritis aggravate into renal function insufficiency or even uremia,they should limit protein,water,potassium intake. Food that are in high calories and low protein is good,like potato. In addition,do not have spicy food.

  These are the introduction of diet on nephritis patients,hope it can help you.

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