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How do our hospital reduce your creatinine level in blood

  The level of creatinine is a key factor to measure if your kidney is healthy or not. If it is so high,may make people curious. So,it become a urgent thing to reduce your high creatinine level.

  At first,our hospital has specific treatment therapy to decline creatinine level. According to our research for many years,we found,effective treatments can restore the damaged renal cells. Creatinine level high,means the kidney is hurt,so to reduce creatinine thoroughly,we should find the therapies that can repair the damaged cells. We combine traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine together. Since both of them have their advantages and weakness,we make the best of the both worlds. Especially on traditional Chinese medicine which has its five thousands years history,we capture the essence of it,coupled with we have already research kidney disease for many years,we create many treatments which is the only in China and the best all around the world. Our specific treatment therapies contains hot compress therapy,Oral Chinese herbal medicine therapy,Circle therapy and so on. One factor that we are different with western medicine is we can decline your creatinine level thoroughly and make it not relapse.

  Except that,we invent a series of drugs to assist these therapies. We use special Chinese drugs,western drugs and Chinese patent drugs.

  Our hospital is also attach importance to the effect of diet. We will make a diet plan for everyone that come to our hospital according to their inpidual illness state.

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