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Application of ginseng in chronic renal failure

Ginseng sweet and slightly bitter taste, into the spleen lung function, replenishing qi and nourishing vitality, tranquilize. However, due to different varieties, its role is different. The red is warm, especially don't straight ginseng more temperature health hair; ginseng cool, Qi YangYinShengJin; ginseng is taste of peace. The ginseng tonic must make suitable for differentiation of physique, disease, can play a better effect. Chronic renal failure in the following circumstances, can be selected according to the condition:

(1) Qi tonic: when the clinical appearance of fatigue, less gas lazy words, pale tongue, with scalloped edges, such as deficiency of Yang deficiency or weak pulse, red ginseng tonic energy available. But a small amount, usually 3 to 6 grams per day, after the section of the water stew.

(2) yiqishengxue: for chronic renal failure appear blood deficiency, such as the yellow complexion without China, eyelid and lip a pale, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizzy, pale tongue, thin pulse etc.. The famous doctor Li Dongyuan once said: "ginseng blood, the blood does not cover self, students must Yao is Yang, Yang Sheng Yin, blood is Wang yi." So this kind of patients in the application of Yao blood at the same time, the other with red ginseng stew served by yiqishengxue.

(3): when the Qi deficiency with Replenishing Qi and body fluid deficiency appear, Shenpi fatigue, less gas lazy words, pale tongue, dry mouth, pulse imaginary number, should use American ginseng; also with ginseng with, can often play a better role of yiqi. However, the need for a small amount of clothing, the effect of side.

(4) gutuo emergency: advanced or end-stage uremia finally appeared fine pulse, Qi deficiency to take off, the available wild ginseng ginseng 10 grams or other straight fried field meal. Also with 6 to 12 grams of Radix Aconiti compatibility, composition of Shenfu Decoction decocted drink, with solid off emergency.

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