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A correct interpretation of chronic pyelonephritis

More than half of the patients with acute pyelonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis history, followed by symptoms of fatigue, fever, anorexia and lumbago, and accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other urinary irritation symptoms. There were also the acute attack of chronic pyelonephritis. The course of more than half a year or 1 years for chronic pyelonephritis, recently developed renal pelvis had scar formation, intravenous pyelography see renal pelvis seeper, kidney shape deformation, not smooth, or two sizes called kidney of chronic pyelonephritis. There may be damage to renal tubular function, such as decreased concentration, low permeability, low specific gravity urine, nocturia and renal tubular acidosis. To the late stage, there may be damage to glomerular function. Renal hypertension by chronic pelvic inflammation caused by many, generally believed that patients with chronic pyelonephritis hyperreninemia and vascular sclerosis, and release of vasoconstrictive polypeptide related stenosis. A small number of patients with chronic pyelonephritis with one kidney disease, hypertension can be improved.

The clinical manifestations of chronic pyelonephritis complicated, easy to attack again, the reason is: the predisposing factors exist; the mucosa of renal pelvis, renal papilla due to scar deformation, is conducive to the long-term incubation; after the use of antibiotics, bacteria have resistance to Yao, or inside the cell, make the antibiotic lose the sterilization ability in humoral immunity or antibiotics; under the action of the bacterial membrane can not be formed, exists in the protoplasmic mass form in the medulla environment still has vitality infiltration, so once a favorable environment, re growth and reproduction of pleural again this is sinister, protoplasmic strain (type L). Therefore, chronic pyelonephritis is considered to be more difficult to cure and progressive disease.

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