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What factors that affect the prognosis of Nephritis include?

Factors that may affect the prognosis of Nephritis include:

·Pathological factors. 1) Pathological types: prognosis of mild Mesangial Proliferative Nephritis is good, while severe Mesangial Proliferative Nephritis, Membranous Proliferative Nephritis, and FSGS have bad prognosis. 2) The more the number of fibrous crescents, sclerosed glomerulus, interstitial fibrosis and renal tubules atrophy, the outcome is worse. 3) Patients with serious renal vascular diseases have unfavorable outcome.

·Clinical manifestation. The prognosis is not good if patients experience symptoms including: persistent massive proteinuria and persistent hematuria, uncontrollable high blood pressure, and renal tubular-interstitial injury (such as renal anemia, increased urine output at night, Fanconi syndrome, renal tubular acidosis, etc).

·Dietary factor. High protein diet may accelerate the progression of Nephritis.

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