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Pay attention to the early symptoms of chronic nephritis

Most people just say that they have been very tired lately. So for work stress, prone to fatigue of the staff, pay attention to early prevention, reasonable arrangement of life is very important to keep warm, avoid cold, pay attention to work and rest. According to the survey, about 70% of patients with chronic nephritis and chronic overwork related. People in the state of fatigue, tension, work spirit and, easily lead to decreased resistance to bacteria and virus infection, cause kidney damage, appear lumbago, lower limbs, eyelid edema, proteinuria, and elevated blood pressure, dizziness and other phenomena. But the performance is not easy to arouse people's attention, many people think that rest not to regard it as right, good, not to go to a doctor, do not measure blood pressure, often until severe edema, hematuria, blood pressure is high before going to the hospital. Nephritis is a very common clinical disease, but the onset is very hidden, not easy to detect, why is it easy to ignore the early symptoms of chronic nephritis?

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