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What are the symptoms of chronic glomerulonephritis?

Clinical manifestations of chronic glomerulonephritis:
1. There is no history of acute nephritis or streptococcal infection in patients with prodromal symptoms.

2, urine change is there will be symptoms of nephritis, urine volume most less, after 1000ml/ days following, minority can appear less urine, often accompanied by edema; renal tubular function was damaged obviously, urine volume increase, and accompanied by frequent urination at night, edema obviously, and even the emergence of signs of dehydration.

3, central nervous system symptoms can have a headache, dizziness, anorexia, fatigue, insomnia, etc., and that high blood pressure, anemia, certain metabolic and endocrine disorders.

4, the onset of different ways, some patients began to have no obvious symptoms, only in the body when the discovery of proteinuria or high blood pressure. Most of the patients in that after the onset of fatigue, headache, edema, high blood pressure, anemia and other symptoms, some patients with acute onset, edema obviously appears proteinuria, there are always no symptoms until vomiting, hemorrhage, renal failure, sepsis treatment performance.

5, hypertension has varying degrees of hypertension, mostly light, moderate, persistent.

6, anemia and renal secretion of erythropoietin reduced, resulting in the differentiation, maturation, release of red blood cells reduced.

7, often due to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, anemia and cardiac dysfunction, urinary protein loss in the long term, causing hypoproteinemia.
Some patients may be edema, or hypertension, or repeated as its outstanding performance, clinical habits will be pided into ordinary type, nephritis, hypertension and acute onset. But the type three is not completely separate, often have overlapping and transformation.

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