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Manifestations of chronic nephritis

As a disease, chronic nephritis should have obvious symptoms and signs. It is true that any disease is characterized by symptoms and signs, such as nausea and yellowing of the skin. What is the performance of chronic nephritis? The four most common manifestations are edema, hypertension, proteinuria and hematuria. But in fact, sometimes these symptoms and signs of the performance is very mild, or that people are not easy to find and associate that he has been suffering from nephritis disease.
First of all, edema, nephritis edema is generally edema of the eyelids, to wake up in the morning after the most common. However, in the case of insufficient sleep in the morning after the emergence of the eyelids will appear edema, up activity will subside. This kind of daily life experience is easy to make patients and their families vigilance,. Another symptom is high blood pressure. Indeed, there is a part of patients with chronic nephritis is characterized by hypertension, but the onset age mainly focused on young adults, heart and vascular conditions are good, the compensatory ability is very strong, many people are found occasionally their high blood pressure and more people, especially young people, no dizziness, palpitation feeling is not specifically to measure blood pressure, high blood pressure and therefore do not know. In addition, there is a part of patients with high blood pressure is manifested in the late stage of the disease due to renal decompensation. For the other two signs of hematuria, proteinuria, these nouns are more likely to be misunderstood, hematuria is not blood in the urine? Albuminuria is a protein in the urine? This is not right. That is because in fact the case, said that it was wrong in reality understanding for the two kinds of abnormal state is very few, generally people think is hematuria can be seen in the blood and urine, protein urine is what state is more fuzzy. In fact, people usually think the hematuria hematuria gross hematuria, the general situation is not caused by chronic nephritis, but other diseases of the urinary system, and chronic nephritis are hematuria, is needed to test to know. Proteinuria for those of us who have experienced disease, it is familiar, but is generally very cloudy urine, there will be some larger bubble, and a long time will not disappear. But in real life, few people pay special attention to your urine, especially for a lot of very good living habits of the people, a solution to urinate after wash, do not leave to observe whether there is no bubble or muddy. Some of the symptoms and signs of patients with chronic nephritis are very mild and insidious, they do not affect the patient's daily life and work, but in fact, the development of the disease.
It is wrong to say that chronic nephritis is caused by acute transformation. Chronic glomerulonephritis is a group of multiple etiology, infection by various bacteria, viruses or protozoa, caused by immune mechanisms and mediators of inflammation factors and non immune mechanism of glomerular disease, there is no clear relationship between the majority of patients with streptococcal infection, according to statistics, only 15% to 20% of patients from acute glomerulonephritis (acute nephritis) convert to. Therefore, we find that this disease is very confused, when the disease? Have not had acute nephritis ah? Here, many people confuse acute nephritis with chronic nephritis. In simple terms, there is a link between them, but it is not a one-to-one connection, i.e. not every acute nephritis patients would become chronic nephritis, not every chronic nephritis patients have acute nephritis in this process. People should pay attention to is the cause of chronic nephritis is very complex, many patients with insidious onset, there can be no acute process.
How young people suffering from chronic nephritis in the course of the treatment of disease, many people say, how can such a young disease? In fact, the incidence of this disease uremia is concentrated in young adults, if may review the history, many people began to suffer from a chronic nephritis when age is very light, because a lot of people check to uremia, unable to know exactly when suffering from chronic nephritis of the disease, so there is no statistical data the accurate prompt us to chronic nephritis morbidity age. But to remind you that the chronic nephritis can occur at any age, and most of the patients age of onset is very light, from the onset to develop into uremia, if not treated as long as possible a few years to 10 years.
Chronic nephritis have occult, many people with the deviation of understanding, although the "invisible killer" in a step by step the erosion of the patient's kidney, but the kidney has a strong compensatory function, even if the patient has serious illness, can not have any symptoms, on the surface and ordinary people. In fact, the dam and the breaching of the dike compensation and decompensation of the dam as soon as the breaching of the dike, the former all seem normal, what would a disaster is coming. If the breaching of the dike ", remedial work is done well, it is possible to avoid the uremia, at least it can delay the arrival of.

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