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3 chronic nephritis diet tips

The diet of the chronic nephritis has the protein in the diet is used by the body, and the rest can not be used urea, uric acid and other nitrogenous waste, coupled with too much sodium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.. Here to introduce.
When slowly decline in renal function, in addition to drug treatment, doctors usually advise patients to reduce protein intake, to reduce the burden on the kidneys, delay into ESRD time; in addition to protein restriction, physicians will depend on the condition of different choice of phosphorus or water or sodium restricted diet, chronic nephritis diet taboo as follows:

1, how to limit protein
Usually recommended protein intake per kilogram of body weight 0.6 grams, such as the weight of 50 kg, daily protein intake should be controlled for 30 grams. Our daily food, more or less contain protein, including meat, eggs, milk protein quality is good, the body utilization rate is high, can be used to repair or maintain muscle, such as beans (mung bean, red bean, broad bean, pea seed etc.), drupe (peanuts, cashew), protein quality is poor five grain Cereals, gluten products, flour products, sweet potato, taro, potato, vegetables, fruits contain, will create more waste; soy and soy products belong to vegetable protein, but its quality is not less than the meat, therefore, the experts also suggested that dietary protein restriction should not be fasting in Soybean and its products range. Under tight restrictions in protein intake, must choose the source of protein, can be fully used by the body, suggest at least daily amount of 2/3 allowed by the supply of good quality protein, is a chronic nephritis diet taboo.

2, how to add heat
In the limit of protein intake under the principle of Steamed Rice class limited, easily lead to insufficient heat, so that the body consumption of protein and urea increased, thinner body resistance is poor, so we must eat more high calorie and low protein foods (such as sugar: sugar, sugar, honey, fruit and vegetable oil and sugar; protein powder such as wheat flour, corn flour, cornstarch, lotus root starch, Green bean noodle, sago dumplings, etc.). Daily calorie intake: 35-45 calories per kilogram of body weight, diet and chronic nephritis taboo.

3, how to limit sodium ion
Sodium in the body balance and muscle water activity, when renal insufficiency, may not be the sodium ion excessive body discharge caused by hypertension, edema, ascites, pleural effusion, increase the burden on the heart, so easily lead to heart failure. Salt, MSG, soy sauce, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, vinegar, miso contains large amounts of sodium, preserving and processing of canned sodium also many, so the daily life try to use natural food, cooking can use sugar, vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic, spices, cinnamon, pepper, coriander, flower the other food lemon flavor, add delicious food, also belong to the diet taboo of chronic nephritis.

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