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Treatment of chronic kidney disease, traditional Chinese med

Core tip: good treatment of chronic kidney disease? Chronic nephritis in Chinese medicine or western medicine to the amount of water intake, edema, hypertension and the degree of failure to determine whether or not to integrate.

Is chronic kidney disease treated? In this fast-paced society, people tend to ignore a lot of conditions, including nephrotic syndrome is one of them. Xiaobian remind you not to wait until suffering from a rush to understand. It is necessary for us to know about the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Treatment of chronic nephritic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome can cure chronic nephritis, Chinese medicine or western medicine water intake to urine, edema, hypertension and heart failure degree without comprehensive judging, in uremic patients in acute phase to limit water is appropriate, but not too much. Salt intake in the case of significant edema and high blood pressure, can be limited to around 2g/d. The intake of protein, as the index limit, with high quality protein protein is preferred, such as eggs, milk, lean meat, etc.. Generally advocated into the low protein, high sugar diet continued to diuretic start, after the symptoms of uremia patients to alleviate the basic, can restore the regular diet.

Is chronic kidney disease treated? The urotoxin may make the drug is not easy to combine with proteins, many drugs will cause poisoning in uremic patients with normal doses, such as injection of normal doses of narcotic analgesics and anti epileptic drugs to stop breathing. Even if some of the drugs through the liver metabolism excretion via the kidneys, but the patient's liver function also has the function based on the low case, still need to carefully consider the dose, if not the reduction often causes abnormal liver function in uremic patients.

Nephrotic syndrome can be cured? For uremia is caused by what? This problem, the doctor pointed out: nephropathy uremia can not be underestimated, is arch-criminal serious harm to human life! Uremic development from some chronic diseases and, as we all know, all chronic kidney disease without treatment or control is not good, so it is the final outcome of uremia, can that is a major cause of nephropathy uremia, resulting in uremia.

Chronic kidney disease syndrome cure? How to care for patients with uremia in daily life? Today Xiaobian and we say about uremia care, adequate heat can save human protein. If the heat is not enough, it will lead to malnutrition in patients with uremia; too much, and can cause hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. The intake of calories in the diet, mainly Cereals, eat less sugar and fruit foods. Uremic patients need to eat some food fiber. This will not only prevent constipation, but also help to reduce the patient's serum cholesterol and glycerin three fat. Human daily food fiber, the demand for about 20 grams. Uremic patients need to eat more milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and other animal protein, eat soy products such as soy protein. Doctors explained that because of the low utilization of plant protein, will increase the severity of uremia.


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