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Four elements that will hurt kidney

   Nowadays ,people pay more attention to their nutrition and health ,but why the morbidity rate still stay at a high level ? Experts think this is due to many factors ,people’s lifestyle is closely related to kidney health .There are four lifestyles that injure kidney:
1.Eat seafood and drink beer .Eating more high protein foods like fish and meat , will appear more trioxypurine and urea nitrogen metabolic waste ,aggravate the excretion burden of kidney .However ,drinking more beer will cause hyperuricemia as well as hyperlipidemia metabolic waste ,thus giving rise to kidney disease .
2.Staying up ,eating salty foods and not drinking water .It is easily to appear renal function problems for long-term staying up,working pressure ,drinking strong tea and coffee .Yet if eat more salty foods can cause elevation of blood pressure ,kidney blood cannot maintain normal discharge ,thus causing kidney disease .If you don’t drink water for long time ,the urine volume will reduce ,the rubbish of urine and the concentration of toxin will increase ,thus causing kidney stone and hydronephrosis .
3.Chaos to take drugs or take more medicines .Long-term taking renal toxicity medicine can easily cause kidney tubules mesenchyme damage .These drugs including Chinese herbal medicine that contains aristolochic acid ,such as Caulis aristolochiae  manshuriensis ,Aristolochia fangchi,dutchmanspipe root and so on ,in addition, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug and antibiotics like somedon and paracetamol can bring about renal damage.
4.Regularly hold back piss .The urine in the bladder for long time will breed bacteria ,the bacteria through the ureter arrive at kidney in the wrong direction  ,thus giving rise to urine infection and nephropyelitis .Once repeated appear will bring about chronic infection and difficult to cure .
   It is not suitable for patients with chronic nephritis eat salty food .When have continuous oliguria and hyperkalemia symptoms should avoid eating food with high potassium like all kinds of fruits .When renal insufficiency ,should control the intake of all animals protein .So patients must pay attention to grasp the dietary rules ;keep happy ,give up smoking and drinking ,keep warm ,prevent cold and infection ,strictly follow the doctor’s advice to take medicines .
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