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How to go from the urine volume of how to measure the condition of nephritis

At the time of clinical diagnosis can, according to a lot of symptoms to determine if the human kidney problems, for example, a person's urine can appear obstacles, can reflect the symptoms of kidney, especially the amount of urine, is a relatively good index of nephritis severity.

Below we will introduce how to measure from the levels of urine condition?

For chronic nephritis patients, we should strengthen the treatment of chronic nephritis, once again, the patient should understand their illness.

The expert points out, for the condition of patients with chronic nephritis, can see from the urine.

So for patients, we should constantly monitor their own urine, general patients in early may only show the number of night urination and urine increased.

Healthy people if no drinking lots of water before going to bed after a night's sleep should be no urination or urination, if 2 or more times a night urination, often should be checked to the hospital routine urine and kidney function.

And then in the middle of chronic nephritis patients typically characterized by anemia, symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, pale face, at that time, the patient's urine output will also be changing.

Except such as blood system diseases, anemia patients should pay attention to the presence of chronic renal insufficiency.

And to deteriorate to uremia patients with chronic nephritis, the patient will appear loss of appetite, nausea, itchy skin, such as performance, then the amount of urine certain changes will occur.

Therefore, it is these symptoms, especially hypertension, be sure to check kidney function in patients with anemia.

To sum up, in the clinical symptoms of patients with chronic nephritis, besides we know edema, the symptom such as infection, nephritis will also change the body's urinary system, lead to the change of urine, the change of the blood, in short a lot of complications can be produced with glomerulonephritis.


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