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Complications and complications of Latent Glomerulonephritis

What kind of disease is easy to confuse with kidney disease?

The clinical manifestations of "asymptomatic proteinuria" or "hematuria", with no previous history of acute and chronic nephritis or nephrotic edema, hypertension history, no abnormal function, blood biochemistry and had no change, diagnosis was established. However, it is necessary to identify the following physiological proteinuria.

The function of protein in the urine of high fever, vigorous physical activity due to renal vasospasm or pH decreased glomerular vascular permeability enhancement, can cause proteinuria, but disappeared after the removal of the cause, after strenuous exercise, some patients had hematuria, but soon disappeared after the cessation of exercise.

About 5% of adolescents with orthostatic proteinuria had significant proteinuria at baseline, with no microscopic hematuria. The urine protein disappeared and the exact mechanism of orthostatic proteinuria was not clear, and some of them had abnormal changes.

IgA nephropathy clinically by recurrent hematuria, often due to upper respiratory tract infection or fatigue, cold after a few hours to a few days (mostly in 1 - 2 days) cause hematuria aggravate or hematuria, eliminate inducement, gross hematuria disappeared, and returned to the original level, edema, hypertension, also no blood biochemical and abnormal renal function, only a small number of patients may manifest as acute nephritis syndrome, hypertension, and ultimately the development of abnormal renal function, but the diagnosis relies on renal biopsy (IgA deposition inmesangial area).

Pay attention to the identification of urinary tuberculosis, calculus and tumor.

What kind of disease can be hidden nephritis?

The prognosis of occult glomerular disease is good, and the duration of the disease is sustainable for several decades.

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