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Chronic glomerulonephritis attention points

The recovery of each disease, are ultimately professional treatment and treatment during the reasonable care and meals. But for chronic glomerulonephritis is difficult to cure this stubborn disease, if the treatment is not proper, nursing is not good, it is likely to develop into renal insufficiency. So, what should the patient should pay attention to?
Chronic glomerulonephritis patients with doctors and nurses in a timely manner to communicate; patients to keep the ward fresh air, pay attention to keep warm, prevent colds, prevent respiratory infections. Chronic nephritis patients will gradually decline in the quality of the disease, so patients should not be overworked, to avoid severe physical activity. Patients tend to produce negative emotions, optimistic mood can improve people's immune system, so patients should keep an optimistic attitude of friends, establish a firm confidence.
Good renal function should be added to the biological effects of animal protein, such as eggs, milk, fish and meat, etc., have decreased renal function, should be appropriate to limit the protein Nie into, if necessary, plus essential amino acids. Should be treated according to the disease were less salt, no salt or less sodium food, to ensure rich in vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C food supply, especially fresh vegetables and fruits should be eaten as much as possible.

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