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Diagnosis of occult glomerulonephritis

I believe we are no stranger to the disease of the kidney disease, it gives people a serious impact, I believe there are many people deep experience. Nephrotic symptoms are not obvious, but for occult glomerulonephritis, the more subtle. Therefore, for the occult glomerulonephritis we need to make a timely diagnosis.
Occult glomerulonephritis in the early and more for the urine bubble increased, if there is no reason for increased urinary foam, it is necessary to the diagnosis of occult glomerulonephritis. Generally associated with leukocyte urine, a typical urinary tract irritation, urine bacterial culture can be a number of positive results. In the original red blood cell morphology for a single type, except for urinary tract inflammation caused by urine urinary urinary tract urinary tract infection or tuberculosis infection, the inflammatory reaction can lead to hematuria and proteinuria. The diagnosis of occult glomerulonephritis mainly through the differential diagnosis of pathology, and the incidence of many young women, can be expressed as hematuria with proteinuria, should pay attention to exclude, in addition to asymptomatic hematuria, proteinuria, generally have other Underlying disease performance. The
The diagnosis of asymptomatic hematuria is mainly based on the exclusion of abnormal red blood cell morphology, the smaller volume of patients should first suspect glomerular disease, but need to exclude a variety of secondary glomerular diseases. The diagnosis of occult glomerulonephritis can be through intravenous pyelography, retrograde pyelography, cystoscopy, prostate examination, if necessary, renal artery angiography, kidney CT, MRI and other tests.

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