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IgA nephritis treatment should pay attention to what?

After suffering from IgA nephritis, the patient will appear proteinuria and other symptoms, which for the patient's physical impact is very large, under normal circumstances, urine protein content is very small, but IgA nephritis patients exceeded the standard. With the development of the disease, the patient will appear uremia symptoms, so we must timely treatment, here we take a look at the treatment of IgA nephritis should pay attention to what?
A large number of proteinuria results in massive loss of plasma proteins, resulting in hypoproteinemia. So, IGA nephropathy proteinuria serious? Proteinuria on the glomerulus, tubules and so on will cause damage, resulting in fibrosis of the kidney. Studies have shown that proteinuria is the first critical factors causing uremia alone, proteinuria is the most harmful poison of kidney, cause uremia.
IgA nephropathy is mainly hematuria, which is often ignored in patients with massive proteinuria and misleading treatment prior to renal biopsy. According to clinical statistics, it was found that the highest urinary protein levels in IgA nephropathy were 3 to 4.5 g/24h in the selected medical records, and most of them were nephrotic syndrome. The pathogenesis of proteinuria in IgA nephropathy is complex and depends mainly on the extent of damage to the glomerular and (or renal) tubules.
IgA nephropathy, which is characterized by massive proteinuria, suggests renal tubulointerstitial damage and is important for the protection of renal function. IgA nephropathy with proteinuria as the main clinical manifestations, although not from the cause for independence as a characteristic set of cases, but there are inpidual manifestation of proteinuria of IgA nephropathy in clinical medical treatment, compared with the simple hematuria IgA nephropathy patients is difficult. Recent studies have confirmed that proteinuria promotes the progression of IgA nephropathy. The animal model with massive proteinuria, urinary protein encoding gene up regulation of extracellular matrix protein and TGF- beta, and increased expression of protease inhibitor of kidney; renal proteinuria and interstitial inflammation, macrophage infiltration related.
Restriction of protein intake can reverse glomerular filtration, hypertrophy of small and small tubules, and delay the decline of glomerular filtration rate. A large number of proteinuria, IgA nephropathy showed pathological damage in the selected medical records, and the classification was serious. The damage of renal tubules correlated with proteinuria, and the clinical manifestations of hemorrhage, creatinine and urea nitrogen increased. It is suggested that proteinuria may promote the progression of IgA nephropathy.
The common treatment of proteinuria in IgA nephropathy
Therefore, clinicians treatment of massive proteinuria in IgA nephropathy patients attach great importance: first strengthen the primary disease treatment of hormone sensitive to hormone therapy, reduce urinary protein excretion; secondly, pay attention to dietary protein intake, reduce glomerular hyperfiltration and urinary protein excretion; may use drug immunosuppressants, reduce the urine protein, lower blood pressure, renal function and delay the progression of IgA nephropathy; long-term difficult to control, if necessary, repeat renal biopsy prognosis.
In short, no matter what the cause of IgA nephropathy, we must be careful, because human kidney important excretory organs, after suffering from the disease, patients must choose the regular hospital in the treatment of nephropathy, actively prevent disease recurrence.


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