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The projects of renal function test

  Renal function test including serum creatinine urinary albumin 、immune globulin G、blood urea nitrogen 、blood and urine β2-microglobulin 、urine immunoglobulin A secretory type and so on .These diseases can through the early examination immediately find whether there is something wrong in the kidney ,thus prevent to delay the disease .

  1.The specific value of urea nitrogen or creatinine .Taking advantage of it can judge the urinary tract obstructive lesions 、high protein 、glomerular lesions and the decomposition hypermetabolism state and the application of glucocorticoid steroid hormones and other diseases .

  2.Blood urea nitrogen .It can help to judge hyperthyroidism 、anemia 、gigantism 、diabetes 、myodystrophy 、leukemia 、acromegaly、infection 、thyroid function and other diseases .

  3.Blood urea .Excessive blood urea will cause gout、acute nephritis 、chloroform poisoning 、hyperuricemia 、carbon tetrachloride poisoning 、lead poisoning 、carbuncle and the pregnant reaction .Excessive less will cause pernicious anemia and fanconi syndrome .

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