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The cause of chronic glomerulonephritis

Chronic glomerulonephritis refers to a series of kidney lesions that occur after the kidney is damaged by a large number of immune complexes associated with the human body, such as blood toxins. Including bleeding, proteinuria, renal dysfunction, failure and so on. The cause of chronic glomerulonephritis is mainly two: one is bad eating habits, then is a discomfort of the living environment.

Poor eating habits mainly refers to excessive overeating caused by excess nutrients, resulting in excessive human oxidative stress response, resulting in a large number of oxygen free radicals, which lead to human blood pollution.

Discomfort of the living environment will destroy the body's antioxidant system, so that the body's ability to eliminate oxygen free radicals are weakened, a large number of oxygen free radicals will accumulate in the body, causing human blood pollution.

Blood contamination will form a large number of immune complexes and other blood toxins, in the presence of susceptible genes, causing renal hyperinflation immune response, damage to kidney cells, including endothelial cells, mesangial cells, renal tubular cells, renal interstitial cells , Podocytes, etc., causing a variety of kidney disease.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the excess nutrients and discomfort caused by poisonous evil invasion of the body and the formation of toxins, belonging to the traditional Chinese medicine violent poison, violent poison stuck in the blood, and dirty gas cement, the formation of blood toxins belong to dirty poison, Affect the cell function abnormalities, resulting in intracellular endotoxin is poisonous. The presence of these toxins is the greatest risk of kidney disease. Violent poisoning caused by proteinuria occult blood, dirty poisoning caused by decreased renal function, vomiting lead to long treatment.

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The cause of chronic glomerulonephritis

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