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What are the early symptoms of primary nephritis?

Now the primary nephritis not only invaded the ordinary crowd, but also the invasion of pregnant women,If women do not take care of themselves during pregnancy, they may lead to primary nephritis in pregnancy. Primary nephritis in pregnancy can not only harm the health of expectant mothers, but also harm the health of children, then what are the early symptoms of primary nephritis? 

The early symptoms of primary nephritis, such as usually more likely to thirst, hunger, fatigue, or frequent urination. However, these symptoms are common in normal pregnancy when the performance. In fact, the early symptoms of primary nephritis in pregnancy itself is usually no special symptoms, almost all mothers are pregnant in the 24-28 weeks, the primary nephritis screening was found early pregnancy nephritis early symptom.

For pregnant women with primary glomerulonephritis early pregnancy symptoms experts added primary glomerulonephritis, the most obvious symptom is "three more and a little" namely: more eat, more drink, more urine, but weight loss, vomiting. Don't confuse for general pregnancy, pregnancy complicated with primary glomerulonephritis and vomiting can be vomiting, nausea and vomiting is aggravated, even can cause dehydration and electrolyte disorders; another common symptom is fatigue, this is because glucose can't eat into full use and catabolism and faster physical, not to add.

Through the above description I believe we all know it, the treatment of primary nephritis in pregnancy can not have the slightest delay, otherwise it will have a great impact on the child's growth and development, pregnant women must do good care, do not bring more trouble to themselves.

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What are the early symptoms of primary nephritis?

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