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What vegetables can patients with acute nephritis eat?

Many patients with acute nephritis have raised this problem, due to the taboo of acute nephritis, many patients are mostly eat some high-quality low-protein meat, so eat less of fruits and vegetables. So kidney disease experts are going to give you some answers to the problem!

What vegetables can patients with acute nephritis eat?

Radish: radish rich in vitamin C and a variety of vitamins and nutrients needed by human bodies, such as minerals are 'calcium, phosphorus, iron' and so on; and contains crude fiber, lignin, methyl mercaptan, hydrogenated mucin, tissue amino acids , Iodine, potassium, manganese, boron and other beneficial to human beings, has heat detoxification, thirst and diuretic effect.

Melon: melon is rich in vitamin C, and melon contains a low amount of sodium, so suitable for high blood pressure and other symptoms of edema in patients with edema. And melon skin nutrition and efficacy and melon hospital, as well as the role of diuretic swelling.

Gourd: gourd cold sweet, after the use of acute nephritis patients benefit promoting diuresis and clearing away heat, eliminating edema and abdominal distension effect.

Pumpkin: pumpkin contains rich in vitamins. According to the modern medical research, pumpkin is effective in preventing and treating diabetes mellitus, hypertension and kidney, liver and other pathological symptoms, to alleviate renal function degradation, and the regeneration of renal cells have enhanced effect. Pumpkin has the effect of Invigorating Qi, reducing inflammation and diuresis.

Lettuce: lettuce leaves rich in vitamin C and carrots and protein, acute nephritis with oliguria and hematuria can choose to use lettuce,  have the effect of diuresis and relieve hematuria.

Above is the relevant information collected by experts , presumably we have some understanding of the above common sense! Only the correct diagnosis, in order to better treatment. If you have other kidney problems you can browse other pages, you can also give us a message, Tongshantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts will give you the most professional and most effective treatment or recommendations.

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