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What should patients with early acute nephritis pay attentio

Acute nephritis is the most difficult treatment of kidney disease, under normal circumstances, patients with acute nephritis may not have hospitalization. During the illness, acute nephritis patients with appropriate treatment, combined with a scientific diet, the disease will soon be under control. What should patients with early acute nephritis pay attention to the diet?

What should patients with early acute nephritis pay attention to the diet?

Intake of salt: patients in edema obvious period, should be particularly taboo salt intake, diet can use salt free soy sauce to adjust the taste; until the blood pressure returned to normal, edema completely subsided, can take 2~3 grams of salt per day.

Diet principle: Early acute nephritis patients diet the general principle is that should be palatable light-based. :

Daily protein intake: light weight according to the body weight of 0.8 grams / kg, the condition is heavy, 0.5 grams / kg is appropriate. If the patient loses too much protein,can supplement the amount of protein, eat more milk, soy milk, chicken, duck, fish and other foods rich protein.

Daily intake of salt and potassium: should be less than 500mg, avoid eating pickles, fermented bean curd and ham and other high salt foods, limit the high potassium foods (such as: fruit, potatoes, leeks, rape) intake.

Adhere to the principle of high sugar and low fat diet: high sugar does not increase the burden on the kidneys, can intake of glucose, honey, fruit juice, sugar, grain; fat should not be too much intake; oil should be the main vegetable oil (due to vegetable oil is mostly unsaturated Fatty acids); appropriate to add alkali items, drink orange juice, lemon juice and water to regulate pH; add enough vitamins, especially vitamin B and trace elements, such as a variety of vitamins and 21 gold dimension him etc..

Acute nephritis generally does not strictly limit the intake of fat, as much as possible to eat less.

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