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What are the glomerulonephritis symptoms in children?

In recent years, more and more children with glomerulonephritis, parents and friends should pay attention to the child's health in daily life. If there is unexplained physical health, please go to the hospital for treatment, here are some of the symptoms of glomerulonephritis, if it occurs in children, we must pay attention to:

1, precursor history: about 10 days before the onset of infection, there is a history of streptococcal infection, such as upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis, etc. the history of skin impetigo is a precursor, and the prodromal stage is longer, about 2~4 weeks.

2, edema: the initial eyelid and face-based, gradually down to the limbs, was non-depression, combined with ascites and pleural effusion are rare.

3, urine output: reduce the amount of urine and edema parallel urine less edema heavier. Oliguria standard for school-age children daily urine output <400ml, preschool children <300ml, infants and young children <200ml or daily urine output less than 250ml / m2; no urine standard daily urine output <50ml / m2.

4, hematuria: hematuria: the most obvious symptoms of glomerulonephritis in children, almost all patients have hematuria, of which the incidence of gross hematuria is about 40%; 1 to 2 weeks after the mirror Hematuria, mild majority of patients without gross hematuria.

5, proteinuria: almost all patients with urine protein positive, but proteinuria is generally not serious, between 0.5 ~ 3.5g / d

6, high blood pressure: seen in 70% of cases. Hypertension seen in 30% to 80% of the cases, due to the retention of water and sodium and the enlargement of blood volume, it is generally mild or moderate increase. Mostly in 1~2 weeks later, with diuresis swelling, and blood pressure dropped to normal, if continued not drop, should consider the possibility of acute attack of chronic nephritis.

7, renal dysfunction: there is a transient hypoxemia, with slight increases in serum creatinine and urea nitrogen, which can return to normal after several days of diuresis. A small number of patients with severe illness, can occur acute renal failure.

glomerulonephritis symptoms in children
glomerulonephritis symptoms in children

The above is related introduction about glomerulonephritis symptoms in children, hope that can help you. Parents must always pay attention to the health of children, do not ignore the small symptoms of children's body. If the child appears more than a few symptoms, please go to the hospital for treatment, early detection and early treatment.

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