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Expert analysis: What causes high creatinine?

The level of serum creatinine is one of the important indicators of the health of renal function. Which if the increase in creatinine that kidney damage, serious cases is not only persecuted or even all necrosis, the corresponding function will immediately disappear. Because the kidneys have a strong reserve capacity, so when a person loses a kidney in time, the rest of the kidney can perform the normal detoxification function of the body, and the various functions of the function of serum creatinine are normal. So what causes high creatinine?

1, People with kidney failure are more likely to suffer from cold viruses, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections than normal people. When the patient is infected with these bacteria and viruses, the body's creatinine rises rapidly.

2, hypertensive patients, due to unstable blood pressure in patients with hypertension, more prone to the phenomenon of high creatinine.

What causes high creatinine?
What causes high creatinine?-hypertensive

3, life fatigue, bad rest may cause endocrine effects, may also cause a certain range of serum creatinine increased.

4, urine abnormalities, long-term hematuria, proteinuria, not in patients with no symptoms of the performance of the phenomenon of elevated creatinine.

5, patients with nephropathy misuse of drugs that damage the kidneys, there may be increased creatinine, or even irreversible.

6, the body lost a lot of water, a fever, a lot of sweating, less water, polyuria period will lead to blood concentration, renal blood flow reduction, there will be increased creatinine.

The above is the introduction related to "What causes high creatinine?", hoping to help you. We should pay attention to the above causes of high creatinine, because of high creatinine will damage to the kidneys, so we try to six months or a year of physical examination to ensure good health.

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