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What are the common symptoms of chronic nephritis in the early stage?

The incidence of nephritis and living habits are closely related, like staying up late, alcohol, smoking, exercise and so on, this very easy invasion of nephritis. Early detection of nephritis symptoms for the treatment is critical, then what are the common symptoms of chronic nephritis in the early stage?

Urine mixed with blood: nephritis patients in the early stage will appear hematuria symptoms, and hematuria is not necessarily visible to the naked eye. General hematuria can be pided into the naked eye and microscopic to distinguish out, the naked eye can see the water samples are generally and color red, urine turbidity, and some patients with hematuria must be observed through the microscope. This symptom can be said to be the most common symptoms of patients with nephritis, but not all of the hematuria are caused by nephritis. Once in life found hematuria , can not be delayed, be sure to timely to the regular hospital for examination, once confirmed must be targeted treatment.

Early onset of facial swelling symptoms: chronic nephritis patients due to the normal function of the kidney detoxification affected, so the body will be very weak, vulnerable to the invasion of the virus. Many patients with chronic nephritis will appear facial swelling symptoms, mainly because of the normal function of the kidney damage, so that patients with metabolic disorders, elemental sodium and water will continue to accumulate in the body, resulting in facial swelling, especially after getting up in the morning, the most obvious edema, usually through proper exercise will subside.

Bubble increased in urine: for patients with chronic nephritis, there is a more obvious in the early symptoms of urine is mixed with a lot of foam, and are generally showing a small bubble of mutual connection, a long period of time will not disappear, which shows that urine contains protein. But not all of the symptoms of urine foam are caused by chronic nephritis, once faced with this situation, you need to go to a professional treatment hospital for examination, once identified as proteinuria, then you need to early treatment of nephritis, and actively cooperate with doctors in order to early rehabilitation.

What are the common symptoms of chronic nephritis in the early stage?

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