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Is the body swollen early symptoms of nephritis?

The most obvious symptom of nephritis in early stage is body swelling, and body swelling will appear throughout the treatment of kidney disease. Different patients with swelling or light or heavy, the former is only found in the morning cheek, eye obvious edema, but also at noon when the rest of the ankle appears obvious edema. The latter is more serious, and may be dropsy all over the body, when there is such a phenomenon, we must not care, should immediately go to the hospital for targeted diagnosis, early diagnosis of the disease.

The early symptoms of nephritis are the following:

Edema of the body: the most obvious symptom of early nephritis is swelling of the body, and swelling of the body will appear throughout the treatment of kidney disease. The edema of different patients is light or heavy. The former only shows obvious edema on the cheeks and eyes in the morning, and the obvious edema at the ankle occurs during the rest of the day.

Symptoms of Hypertension: This requires nephritis patients have a special attention, and in general, nephritis and hypertension are not directly causal relationship, the two diseases did not affect each other.

Urine output was significantly reduced; urine bubble phenomenon.

The above is the expert collection of relevant information, presumably everyone has a certain understanding of the above common sense, only the correct diagnosis, in order to better treatment. If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, but also can give us a message, tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine kidney disease experts will give you the most professional and effective treatment or advice.

Is the body swollen early symptoms of nephritis?

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