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what are the symptoms signs of glomerulonephritis?

Now more and more patients with glomerulonephritis, we must pay attention to the early symptoms and signs of the disease in the daily life, early detection and early treatment. For the early characteristics of the disease, we found that after the hospital to be diagnosed in time, do not feel tolerant, just have a timely treatment of disease, so as not to aggravate the disease. Here is a detailed description of what are the symptoms signs of glomerulonephritis, if you have these, must go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis.

One,Edema: nephritis edema often appear in the eyelid, face, scrotum and other relatively loose place, will appear in the lower extremity edema, severe edema can also occur, a small number of people may also have ascites.

glomerulonephritis symptoms signs
glomerulonephritis symptoms signs-edema

Two, oliguria: acute nephritis oliguria and edema at the same time, and urine color deep, daily urine volume less than 400 ml, inpidual patients even without urine. And about 1/3 of patients will appear hematuria, the naked eye can find urine color is thick brown, generally sustainable for several days or even weeks. Acute nephritis also have less urine characteristics, accompanied by nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite and other symptoms of early onset.

Three, urine foam: increase is often a protein phenomenon, generally speaking, the more bubbles, the more protein.

Four, hypertension: nephritis in patients with hypertension or not, but if the development to uremia, often with hypertension, and it is difficult to control, in general, the prognosis of the patients with hypertension nephritis patients with hypertension often than no difference. In short, once you find the above symptoms, please go to the regular hospital kidney clinic, so as not to delay treatment.

Five, the history of streptococcal infections: such as urine routine follow-up 1-3 weeks of treatment of influenza, acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, gum abscess, scarlet fever, measles, chickenpox, skin fester disease, early detection of nephritis traces.

The above is about "symptoms signs of glomerulonephritis" related content introduction, hope to be helpful to you. If there are several symptoms, should go to the hospital in time to confirm. If you have any questions about the symptoms and signs of glomerulonephritis, you can leave a message below and we'll help you.


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