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How does the self-treatment of chronic nephritis?

Chronic nephritis is a kind of nephritis, the other is acute nephritis. Acute nephritis more common in children, chronic nephritis more common in adults, there are many causes, it is a group of primary immune diseases in the glomerulus, there will be varying degrees of kidney damage, late renal failure may occur. The following is about how does the self-treatment of chronic nephritis?

First, daily recuperation

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to two points, one is the chenyi was, cold, it may aggravate the condition; the other is not to overwork, overwork may aggravate the disease.

chronic nephritis treatment
chronic nephritis treatment-diet

Second, diet nursed back to health

Chronic nephritis patients diet should be nursed according to the disease, patients with mild decrease of plasma protein, may be appropriate to eat some high protein foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans and bean products, at the same time, should also eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Severe patients with uremia should not eat high protein foods, so as not to aggravate the disease. Obvious edema can eat radish, melon, watermelon, red bean, black bean, towel gourd and other foods have a diuretic effect. In addition to hematuria, you can eat lotus root, Chinese cabbage root, peanut, eggplant and other hemostatic foods. People with hypertension can eat celery, spinach, fungus, bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, fresh corn and other antihypertensive effects of food. No matter how heavy the disease, should eat or not eat salt containing food, so as to avoid water and sodium retention, aggravating edema. In addition, we should avoid eating excitant food, smoking and drinking should be banned, especially strong liquor should be taboo.

The above are two methods about chronic nephritis patients with self-treatment.Patients with chronic nephritis can also go to the hospital for drug treatment, to the hospital can understand their own etiology, later in daily life to avoid, even if sick, but also to maintain a good attitude, good mental state is good for the health of the body.

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