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Some dietary misunderstanding in patients with chronic nephr

For patients with chronic nephritis, a good diet is very important, the following article we simply tell you about the dietary misunderstanding of chronic nephritis patients, we hope to help.

Chronic nephritis, renal failure patients due to decreased renal metabolic capacity, the main toxins such as urea nitrogen, creatinine accumulation in the body, resulting in damage to the body, and these toxins are protein metabolites, so patients with chronic renal failure should emphasize low quality protein diet. Some patients think vegetarian does not contain protein, so be vegetarian for a long time. In fact this is a misunderstanding of food protein.

Food protein comes from both plant protein and animal protein, although most plant protein content is lower than animal protein content, but the daily staple food such as rice, flour protein content of 8% -9%, beans and soy protein content can be more than 20%, due to plant protein contains less amino acids, and high potassium, it is not suitable for patients with chronic nephritis.

After reading the above content I believe you understand more about chronic nephritis. If you still have any questions please contact our online specialists and our experts will be happy to help you. 

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