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How to correct nurse pyelonephritis

  Although there are a lot of pyelonephritis patients ,they know a little knowledge of pyelonephritis .Because reasonable nursing can be effective assist pyelonephritis patient to recover health ,so patients should pay attention to .How to correct nurse pyelonephritis ?

  1.Acute pyelonephritis or chronic pyelonephritis in acute onset stage should drink more water ,the daily intake should be more than 2500ml .The goal is to increase urine volume ,promote bacteria 、toxins and inflammatory secretion ejectment ,at the same time should pay attention to strengthen nutrition and exercise .

  2.Notice whether there is fever and urinary irritation symptoms .In chronic pyelonephritis late stage ,patient should pay attention to whether there is renal damage symptoms ,such as high blood pressure 、anemia 、uremia and so on .

  3.After medical treatment should notice whether there is drug side effects ,such as oral gorge feed denier can cause nausea 、vomiting 、anorexia and so on .

  4.Patient should attach importance to health service ,female should keep the vulva clean ,be cautious to bath in a tub .Menstrual period 、gestation period and baby should pay special attention to hygiene ,avoid ascending infection .Female with acute pyelonephritis should be contraception after treatment within one year ,in case aggravate the illness .

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