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Self-regulation of chronic nephritis

Chronic nephritis is a disease easily overlooked by us. Its harmfulness is great. It is regretful that urethritis may be developed with little attention. The treatment of chronic nephritis is very complicated. It has been a problem that many nephrologists hope to overcome The problem Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis diet and other aspects of self-conditioning play an important role in the rehabilitation of the disease. The following suggestions for reference:

Regular visit to the hospital. Chronic nephritis is a chronic disease, the course of lingering, not three to five days of recovery, so regular referral to understand their condition is very necessary, and to save their own medical records.

Try to avoid various unfavorable factors such as exertion, cold, diarrhea, strenuous exercise, etc., because these unfavorable factors will aggravate the condition and even make the already stable condition go down sharply. In the meantime, once the illness is caused, it is more necessary to use medicine, especially antibiotics Careful, to tell the doctor himself is a kidney disease patients, so doctors in the medication as much as possible to avoid using kidney medicine.

Stick to medication. Such as a variety of antihypertensive drugs, lipid-lowering drugs, including specialists to give you the designated auxiliary drugs. Missing drugs, especially antihypertensive drugs on the kidney damage a short period of time you will not feel, but scientific research shows that hypertension is the "first killer" damage to the kidneys. Of course, abuse of drugs or incorrect medication will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Meal is reasonable. Avoid high salt, high fat, a lot of high-protein diet, because these will increase the burden on the kidneys; under the guidance of a doctor using diet, can regulate immunity, enhance physical fitness, prevent disease recurrence, is conducive to the recovery of the disease, and even with less.

Self-psychological adjustment. Social pressure, the burden of life, disease ridden will bring us tremendous psychological pressure, depression, pessimistic mood will only aggravate the condition. Therefore, we should use various conditions to adjust our psychological balance, maintain a optimistic and cheerful mood, and even go to see a psychiatrist if necessary.

Moderate physical exercise. Severe, high-intensity exercise can increase the burden on the kidneys, leading to increased proteinuria, hematuria or disease recurrence; However, the amount of exercise during the recovery period to improve the body's immune system, the rehabilitation of the disease is of great help .

Maintain correct posture. Should not be sedentary, long standing, or even stay up all night playing cards. Kidneys in human supine position blood flow is the largest, so appropriate amount of bed rest is also beneficial.

Attention to self health care. Good hygienic habits not only make us feel good physically and mentally, but we also avoid some infectious and infectious diseases.

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