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How to prevent pyelonephritis ?

  Actually ,the occurrence of pyelonephritis can be effectively prevented .As long as patients pay more attention to the prevention of pyelonephritis can avoid the damage to a large degree .So how to prevent pyelonephritis ?

  1.Improve resistance

  In daily life ,patients should pay attention to the treatment of chronic diseases ;in addition,antibiotic can make its own resistance ability decline so don’t abuse of antibiotic .Paying attention to physical exercise in daily life so as to improve own resistance .

  2.Pay attention to personal sanitation and hygiene

  Female patients should pay attention to urinary tract hygiene ,in addition in menstrual、pregnancy period also should pay attention to .Patients also should form the habit of drinking more water so as to wash the vagina ,avoid the occurrence of urinary tract infection .

  3.Eliminate the focus

  Active eliminate the chronic focus ,such as gastroenteritis 、tonsillitis 、chronic pelvic inflammatory and so on ;in addition ,for acute urinary tract infection should be completely treated .After the symptoms disappeared should take antibiotic treatment for three days ,after three urine test are negative for safer after drug withdrawal ,if premature discontinuation cause disease recurrence .

  4.Avoid the urethra get damaged

  When treatment or examination must pay attention to avoid the machine scratch urinary tract in case cause infection

  When patients occur the symptoms of pyelonephritis must go to the hospital as soon as possible ,and in daily life also should pay attention to the above points ,in this wat can reduce the risk of pyelonephritis and ensure own health .

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