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Can chronic nephritis patients eat peanut?

For patients with chronic nephritis, there are a lot of emphases on diet, in order to cure nephritis, this is a very difficult thing, we must strengthen the confidence of treatment, and must be perseverance. So how to prevent chronic nephritis? Can eat peanuts? Let's take a look.

Can chronic nephritis patients eat peanut?

Peanuts are dried fruits. Under normal circumstances, patients with kidney disease are not recommended to eat. However, if they are patients with small lesions, that is, patients with mild kidney disease, can be consumed in small amounts, but not salty or greasy. So, can chronic nephritis eat peanuts?

Chronic nephritis can not eat peanuts, because nephropathy may cause electrolyte imbalance, peanut dried fruit can lead to sodium and potassium disorders, and there are more purine, which will increase the kidney burden.

In addition, if fried, fried peanuts dry, nephrotic syndrome patients are prone to "heat" after eating, so tongue, oral ulcers, epistaxis and other internal heat heat patients are not suitable for consumption; Patients with hyperlipidemia eat peanuts will cause hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and so on because of the increase in blood lipids; peanuts in the gallbladder to rely on the secretion of bile to digestion, it is not appropriate for patients with cholecystectomy or cholecystectomy; due to a large number of peanut oil will be accelerate blood clotting, with procoagulant factor, easy to make blood stasis or hemorrhage aggravating and aggravate the swelling, so bruises should not eat.

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