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Why chronic nephritis can cause itchy skin

Chronic nephritis patients, especially develop into the late stage of uremia, due to blood urea toxins and other metabolites can not be excreted and cause systemic stubborn itching, often make patients painful.

In uremia patients, there will be a series of systemic symptoms in addition to water and electrolyte disturbances, itchy skin is one of the uremic patients with urea excretion in the skin deposited with perspiration, or secondary hyperparathyroidism, calcium deposition in the skin, mainly manifested as systemic or local itching, dry, scaling, often with or without a rash.

The etiology of uremic skin pruritus is complex and mainly associated with dry skin, retention of metabolites to stimulate the skin, peripheral neuropathy and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Uremic toxins can make the patient's skin sweat glands, sebaceous atrophy, so that toxins deposited in the skin, stimulate the skin to produce itching; if the condition is severe, high blood toxins will be discharged from the skin, the formation of urea cream on the skin to stimulate. Lead to intractable itchy skin, dialysis often can not be improved.

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