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Self - care measures of pregnancy with chronic glomerulonephritis

In general , pregnancy can aggravate the existing chronic glomerulonephritis , and it is easy to complicated with pregnancy - induced hypertension syndrome . If the former has more severe chronic glomerulonephritis , the pregnancy is often aggravated . The condition of chronic glomerulonephritis is not big to the fetus , but the condition is heavy or the disease course elder , abortion , premature delivery , intrauterine growth retardation , stillbirth and neonatal complications are greatly increased . 

Self - care measures of pregnancy with chronic glomerulonephritis

(1)In general , there is proteinuria , no hypertension , renal function ( creatinine , urea nitrogen ) has no significant and incomplete , can be pregnant ; nephropathy already has hypertension and renal function is obviously incomplete , it is not suitable for the pregnancy , especially the creatinine of 3 mg / 100ml or urea nitrogen 30mg / 100ml , if the pregnancy is suitable for the third month of pregnancy to do artificial abortion to terminate the pregnancy .

 ( 2 ) Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis should be treated with integrated traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine , strive to stabilize the condition , avoid pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome , and closely monitor the changes of blood pressure and renal function . If the renal function is worsening , the pregnancy should be terminated . If the renal function is worsening , the pregnancy should be terminated . The prognosis of the fetus and the level of hypertension are key : the higher the blood pressure , the greater the fetal death rate . ( 3 ) When chronic glomerulonephritis is complicated with pregnancy , attention should be paid to strengthening nutrition , which is suitable for high protein and low fat diet ; however , if renal function ( urea nitrogen , creatinine ) is rather poor , the protein intake should be controlled ; if there is edema , salt and water intake should be limited . 

( 4 ) The pregnant women with chronic glomerulonephritis should be hospitalized after the second half of pregnancy ( the serious patients are in hospital at any time ) , so as to closely observe the changes of renal function and the growth and development of the fetus , handle them in time , strive to get the live baby and guarantee the mother ' s safety . 

( 5 ) If uremia or renal failure is developed during pregnancy to save the life of the mother , the patient should cooperate with the doctor ' s treatment , and care should be taken to limit the daily intake of salt and water , the recipe should not contain high protein , high fat , attention to the correction of anemia , prevention of infection , and timely termination of pregnancy . 

( 6 ) The pregnancy of chronic glomerulonephritis should be followed up after postpartum ( blood pressure , renal function index , etc . ) and treat the disease seriously . 

( 7 ) After delivery , it can be fed . If the patient is more severe , such as moderate or higher renal function , the mother who has a blood pressure higher than 21.3 / 14.6 kPa should not breast - feeding . 

The above is the relevant information collected by the expert , and it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the above common sense . Only the correct diagnosis can be better treated . If you have other kidney disease issues to browse other web pages , we can leave a message to us , and the nephrologist at Beijing Tongshantang hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine will give you the most professional and most effective treatment methods or recommendations .


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