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What are the symptoms of mild glomerulonephritis ?

The main characteristic of glomerulonephritis is that urine is obviously reduced , some patients also appear edema , and today we have to look at the symptoms of mild glomerulonephritis . Symptoms one : edema , may appear eyelid , face , lower extremities , episiomonas , and genital edema . Light only has weight gain ( recessive oedema ) , and the patient with serious illness can have systemic edema , and may also be accompanied by pleural and abdominal dropsy . 

What are the symptoms of mild glomerulonephritis ?

Symptoms two : proteinuria , glomerular nephritis , some of the proteins that are not able to leach from the kidneys into the urine , and proteinuria . The main manifestations are the increase of the foam in the urine and the long - term non - disappearance . 

Symptomatic three : hypertension , renal excretion of water and sodium salt , affecting the volume of circulating blood in the blood vessel ; meanwhile , it produces renin , produces vasomotor effect , participates in the regulation of blood pressure . In glomerulonephritis , kidney drainage and sodium salt capacity decrease , renin production increases , and hypertension occurs . 

Aim at pathological types and etiological treatment, prevent and delay the progression of kidney disease , improve clinical symptoms , prevent complications , and adjust its diet and protein intake under the guidance of doctors . 

The above is the relevant information collected by the expert , and it is necessary for us to have a certain understanding of the above common sense ! If you have other kidney disease issues to browse other web pages , you can leave a message to us , and the nephrologist at the Beijing TongShanTang hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine will give you the most professional and most effective treatment methods or recommendations .


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