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There are several kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ther

Chronic nephritis treatment of such diseases is relatively long, a few short for several years, long for several decades, the pain for the patient is also long. If you want to treat chronic nephritis, it is very good to choose Chinese medicine. Then, what kinds of traditional Chinese medicine are there for chronic nephritis? The following will introduce to you in details, I hope can help you.

In the treatment of chronic nephritis, there are two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and Western treatment, Chinese medicine for the treatment of chronic nephritis has its own uniqueness. Now look at the specific treatment.

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment method of chronic nephritis is to grasp the patient's physical condition as a whole, according to the principle of the human body five elements, focusing on regulating the functioning of human organs to remove urinary protein. Pharmacological studies have shown that many traditional Chinese medicines such as Cordyceps sinensis, Serissa foetida Comm, Astragalus membranaceus and other can enhance cellular and humoral immune function, improve renal function. Clinical validation: detoxification drugs such as Erye law inhibit the formation of immune complexes, inhibit the formation of glomerular fibrosis. Relieve the side effects of western medicine, and solve the hormonal patients in the process of application of hormones and immune agents, often lead to immune dysfunction, decreased immunity, recurrent illness and gastrointestinal reactions and bone marrow suppression and other adverse reactions, improve the sensitivity to hormones.

If the symptoms of chronic nephritis is not too serious, it is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment for treatment, by repairing damaged cells to achieve the body to improve the body's balance, thereby enhancing the body's immune function.

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic nephritis is a better choice, this is because the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively much weaker than Western medicine, the patient's body less damage, if it takes a long time to take medicine, or should The main treatment of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners should choose to have experienced prescription for their own medicine.

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