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IgA nephropathy patients should keep a good eating habit

  IgA nephropathy patients during the illness ,the doctor will have a higher requirement for patient’s diet .This is mainly because patients keep a scientific eating habit will improve the treatment .

  IgA nephropathy patients should pay attention to the daily diet :

  1.Keep the daily heat intake balance

  For patients with IgA nephropathy should limit the intake of protein ,the heat energy supply should be given priority to with carbohydrate and fat ,energy supply depends on the intensity of labor .Patients who have a rest ,the heat energy can supply 126 kilojoule-147 kilojoule (30-35 kcal).And to meet the need of the patient’s activity .

  2.Patients should limit the intake of sodium

  When there is serious edema and high blood pressure ,the sodium salt intake should be under 2g/d even have a salt-free diet .It is better to have a low-salt diet .

  3.Patient should be reasonable for protein diet

  IgA nephropathy dietary treatment should be based on the degrees of renal function damage to ensure the intake of protein .Patient have a long course and the renal function is not serious ,the protein in the diet should not strict limit ,but should not more than 1g of body weight ,high quality protein should more than 50% .

  The diet of patients with IgA nephropathy is helpful to the treatment ,but should not completely depend on the dietary treatment ,it is important to choose the best treatment ,expectant treatment ,in this way can control the development of the illness .In daily life ,patients should keep a food eating habit so as to better to treat the disease .

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