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The early symptoms of kidney disease

  1.Back pain

  Back pain is one of the symptoms of kidney disease ,but normally kidney disease patients often have not obvious backache ,or other after suffering from nephritis can feel backache .At first ,patients think is the waist sick ,actually backache is not equal to pyelonephritis and kidney stones ,the pain most are one side ,while the pain of kidney stones will present fierce and multidirectional thigh emission .

  2.Blood urine

  normal urination is 1000-2000ml every day , an average of 1500ml,whether the urine volume increase or decrease can be the signs of kidney disease .Especially normal people’s nocturnal enuresis is less ,if find get up several times at night ,and have not drunk too much water before sleep should alert to kidney disease change .

  Blood urine can be divided into gloss hematuria and microscopic hematuria ,microscopic hematuria is cannot seen with the naked eye ,only have red blood cells under a microscope .If there is gross hematuria shows that there are a lot of red blood cells in the urine .Of course ,hematuria is not equal to nephritis .

  3.Abnormal urine

  The urine color of normal people is transparent light yellow ,if drink less water or first urination in the morning ,the color is a bit deep .If the urine color present red or the urine have many foams should go to the hospital


  Kidney is the organs of the water metabolisms for human body ,the kidney is bad ,the water will be accumulated .Some people can find eyelid edema in the morning or double feet and legs edema ,should be considered the problem of the kidney .The performance of concrete dropsy shows eyelid ,face ,scrotum and other loosened center ,at this time can occur edema of lower ,when nervous can systemic edema ,a few patients can have ascites .

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