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Why edema become the typical symptom of nephrotic syndrome ?

  In clinic ,nephrotic syndrome patient’s typical clinical symptoms is “three high one low”,that is a large amount of proteinuria ,height edema ,hyperlipemia and hypoproteinemia .So why height edema become the typical symptom of nephrotic syndrome in clinic ?

  First ,plasma colloid osmotic pressure reduce .When patients suffer from nephrotic syndrome ,a large number of protein will lost from the urine ,thus causing hypoproteinemia and making the plasma colloid osmotic pressure decline .According to the research finding ,osmotic pressure includes crystalloid osmotic pressure and colloid osmotic pressure ,while the latter is mainly from protein ,due to cannot free transit from capillary wall ,therefore it is the main factor of vascular fluid exchange inside and outside .Therefore ,when intravascular moisture to high permeability of interstitial fluid movement ,patients will occur edema .

  Second ,effective blood volume decreases

  After nephrotic syndrome onset ,plasma water move up will make the effective blood volume reduce ,thus causing the body occur the following changes :

  1.Through capacity sensors increase the antidiuretic hormone ,make renal tubular resorb water increase

  2.Through excited aldosterone renin -angiotensin system product secondary aldosteronism ,make renal tubular resorb sodium increase .

  3.Control the generation of natriuretic factor ,make the kidney platoon sodium reduce ,thus causing the retention of water and sodium and aggravating edema .

  In a word ,the reason why nephrotic syndrome patients occur edema is that plaska colloid osmotic pressure decline ,effective blood volume reduce .

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