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What should nephrotic syndrome patients notice in diet ?

  The treatment of nephrotic syndrome except the basic treatment ,the daily diet should also pay attention to adjust ,dietary therapy plays an important role in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome .Now let us learn about the diet for nephrotic syndrome patients.

  1.Limit salt should be based on patient’s edema ,patients with serious edema should avoid salt , when patient’s edema relieve should have a low salt diet(about 3g every day),after the edema disappear and the plasma protein near normal should have a common diet

  2.The intake of protein :Nephrotic syndrome will have a large amount of proteinuria discharge ,hypoproteinemia make the colloid osmotic pressure decline ,thus make the edema difficult to disappear,the body resistance also decline .So in the early nephrotic syndrome stage ,if there is no renal failure should ensure the intake of protein ,which is helpful to relieve hypoproteinemia and other complications .

  3.Fat: Nephrotic syndrome often accompany with hyperlipemia.Minor lesions in patients can improve in a short time ,so the intake of fat is not limited ;for patients with membranous nephropathy and other refractory nephrotic syndrome patients ,long-term hyperlipemia can cause arteriosclerosis ,therefore patients should limit braised pig knuckled in brown sauce ,fat meat and foods which contain rich animal fat .

  4.The intake of vitamin ,calcium and microelement:In nephrotic syndrome patients due to glomerular basement membrane permeability increase ,besides the urine lost protein ,at the same time can lose some elements and hormones which combined with protein ,can cause calcium ,magnesium,zinc insufficiency indirectly ,so can use drugs or foods to supplement .

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